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STIMS Disk Insider is a disk management utility that helps to analyze disk space usage and explore content of your hard disks:
  • Create disk usage reports;
  • Build disk space usage statistics;
  • Build lists of files;
  • Save lists of files to HTML/TXT files;
  • Compare structures of two folders;
  • Track changes in folder's structure;
  • Find duplicate and similar files.
  • Diagrams for subfolders, file types, modification time etc.
The latest version is
(release June 28, 2016)
STIMS Disk Insider

STIMS Cutter STIMS Cutter Overview  >>  Download  >>  Registration
STIMS Cutter is a program that helps to optimize linear cutting parameters. It suggests unique algorithm to solve problem known as 1D Cutting Stock Problem or as Bin Packing Problem.

The latest version is 1.2

STIMS Cutter has 60-days evaluation period.
STIMS Cutter

STIMS Buffer STIMS Buffer Overview  >>  Download  >>  Registration
STIMS Buffer is a program that helps to calculate recipes for biological buffers. Buffers may be combined into a single project, stored and reused. Recipes and labels can be printed or saved.
STIMS Buffer is free if used for educational purposes. Otherwise it requires registration after 30-days evaluation period.

The latest version is 1.1
STIMS Buffer

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